Tactical Pistol Basic

The Tactical Pistol Basic training is intended for beginners without experience in using short arms or for people who want to systematize and consolidate their knowledge of the basics of tactical shooting

TAC1 - Basic skills in the service of short arms - static training

■ Introduction to the use of a short firearm 
■  Safety of weapons' work 
■  Gun grip, body posture, work on the trigger tongue 
■ Overloading 
■ Carrying and holstering 
■ Clearing jams 
■ Shooting positions

TAC2-3 - Basic skills - dynamic training

■ Working with firearms 
■ Defense scenarios 
■ Changing magazines: standing, kneeling, under pressure 
■ Changing fire stations 
■ Using shields 
■ Defending weapons 
■ Getting to work with weapons on the move - 360 
■ Working with several objectives 
■ Priorities in the exchange of fire 
■ Taking decisions in combat


Introduction to work in rooms based on the scenarios of Active Sagittarius, which are our specialty. The main purpose and assumption of the TAC program is to teach advanced responses according to the doctrine of the Individual Warrior  Israeli Secret Service Counter Terror against Active Riflemen. This course combines shooting exercises with training under pressure / on tormenting, so that all previously trained techniques can work in a real threat situation.

The TAC program is ideal for scenarios like "home defense".


The ITS TACTICAL SHOOTER TAC1-TAC4 training will be conducted using:

■  Glock 17/19 pistols 
■  APC-9 submachine guns

■ rental of weapons 
■ ammunition (about 300 pieces 9mm) 
■ rental of security equipment 
■ rental of holsters and pouches

Please arrive with:

■ Cargo trousers 
■ Strong waist belt 
■ Comfortable mountain / trekking / sport shoes