Pistol Advanced

TAC courses are based on the doctrine of the "Individual Warrior" Israeli Secret Service, based on real training, multiple repetition of simulated events. Thanks to this, participants develop the ability to confidently and instinctively respond to stressful situations and those with higher risk. Thanks to repeated repeats of the same scenarios, participants have the opportunity to practice proper muscular memory, guaranteeing an instinctive and effective response even under pressure.

Participants develop the ability to concentrate, make quick decisions, and act efficiently under pressure.

Only after achieving specific shooting skills, combat skills and above all safety in working with firearms, participants go to the next levels of training.

TAC1 - INTRODUCTION - standardization of procedures

■ Introduction to handling a short firearm 
■  Work safety with weapons 
■  Carrying a gun and working with a holster 
■ Clearing jams 
■ Shooting positions

TAC2 - BASIC SKILLS - unification of procedures

■ Support for weapons in forced position, operation under pressure, use of curtains and breaking of the fire line 
■ Introduction to dynamic weapon work, dealing with emergency situations 
■ Introduction to 360 degree shooting 
■ Many aggressors, priorities in conducting the fire - making decisions in a combat situation fire

TAC3 - DYNAMIC SHOOTING - a reminder

■ Many aggressors in 360-degree contact 
■ Gun-and-shoot rules 
■ Tactical position 
■ Dynamic change of position with changes of magazines and fire stations 
■ Transitions from rooms to rooms and corridors 
■ Priorities and decision-making in a situation combat

TAC4, TAC5 - ACTIVE SHOOTER - reminder

Advanced, dynamic shooting scenarios in closed rooms using the scenario of Active Sagittarius, this part of the training takes place in specially prepared and designed mock-ups of rooms and buildings on hot ammunition. Learning advanced and automatic reactions according to the Israeli Secret Service Counter Terror.


Please arrive with:

■ Cargo trousers 
■ Strong waist belt 
■ Comfortable mountain / trekking / sport shoes


■ Training 
■ Accommodation (1 night) 
■ Three meals a day 
■ Weapon rental 
■ Ammunition (about 300 pieces 9mm) 
■ Rental of security equipment 
■ Hire of holsters and pouches

The ITS TACTICAL SHOOTER TAC1-TAC4 training will be conducted using:

■  Glock 17/19 pistols 
■  APC-9 submachine guns