Close Engaged Shooter

There are situations where, despite excellent training, you can not draw a weapon, the aggressor is too close, grabs, clinches, prevents access to weapons ... then you have to demonstrate melee skills, determination, physical fitness, know how to increase distance, keep him and bring weapons in a quick and effective way!

What if the weapon fails or the aggressor is faster and you can not draw a weapon? 
- how to react? 
- how to fight? 
- How to move smoothly from melee to shooting? 
- How to use a weapon as a melee weapon 
- How to use weapons on the ground floor? 
- How to use a weapon while lying?

In the training program:

■ basic Krav Maga techniques related to short arms (blackmail and weaponry) 
■ shooting training - clearing errors and standardizing procedures 
■ drawing weapons and drawing in a short distance 
■ shooting on directions 
■ fast fire and point shooting 
■ Fight / capture weapons 
■ creating distance / taking over the initiative, getting weapons - sharp shooting 
■ removals from the fight in the clinch (transition to the back), weapons - sharp shooting 
■ melee + plus transition to weapons - simulations, real work on bags and boxing shields, weapons - sharp shooting 
■ defense against attacks and blackmailing with a knife / weapon - sharp shooting 
■ defense against stick attacks / weapon extraction - sharp shooting 
■ introduction to combat techniques on the ground floor and the use of short arms in clinch


Please arrive with:

■ Cargo trousers 
■ Strong belt to pants 
■ Comfortable mountain / trekking / sports footwear 
■ Mma type gloves 
■ Step guard 
■ Tooth protector 
■ Comfortable sports footwear


■ Training 
■ Accommodation (1 night) 
■ Three meals a day 
■ Weapon rental 
■ Ammunition (about 300 pieces 9mm) 
■ Rental of security equipment 
■ Rental of holsters and pouches

The ITS TACTICAL SHOOTER TAC1-TAC4 training will be conducted using:

■ Glock 17/19 pistols 
■ APC-9 machine guns