European Counter Terror Academy is a luxurious, modern and fully equipped training center that allows you to conduct all types of courses and trainings, such as :

■ Tactical shooting 
■  VIP protection 
■  Melee combat 
■ Training and courses for the Army and Police 
■ CQB training 
■ courses for security services 
■ A pair of medications

Our training center is equipped with two embrasures (two-storey) closed with a total area of ​​1200 m2 with the possibility of arranging space for the most demanding shooting scenarios including CQB training and an open shooting range of 2 hours located a few kilometers from the resort. The lower shooting range has three entries - by car or lane. The whole combined with the pond - the possibility of using a helicopter and a pontoon, discharges on ropes (various versions). In addition, the center is equipped with a lecture hall with a projector and a spacious dining room. All our guests will be accommodated in 2-person rooms with a 3-star standard. 

Shooting range (shooting at a distance of 10m, 20m and 25m) is equipped with:

■ Moving models for practical and dynamic shooting 
■ Electric disc transporters 
■ Monitoring of positions 
■ Scissor lifts 
■ Enemy revs - friend 
■ Biathlon discs

We have the following weapon units equipped:

■ Glock 19/17 
■ rifles AK47 in different verses 
■ rifles AR15 in different versions 
■ Submachine APC 
■ Submachine guns MP5 
■ pistols Walter P99, CZ, and all individual game pieces handguns

Each participant of the training can be equipped with a full tactical set (tactical vest, pouches, holsters, suspensions for long weapons and knee pads).


Instructors working for ECTC are carefully selected international staff with many years of experience working in the civilian market as well as in special military and police units.

The European Counter terror Academy also includes the Isreli Tactcial School which is an international team of former officers of the army, police and special services of Israel providing services related to the organization and creation of personal protection teams, conducting audit, advisory and training activities.